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International Vehicle Shipping to Trinidad and Tobago

Shipping your vehicle abroad can be rather pricey and difficult. So if you choose to move your auto, boat, motorcycle or any other vehicle to Trinidad and Tobago you should consider all the details so that the shipping was inexpensive and problem-free. First of all, glance at the customs regulations, duty rates and necessary documents for importing vehicles to Trinidad and Tobago, as well as clear up the shipping rates for transporting your vehicle to Trinidad and Tobago.

Move your vehicle to main ports and cities in Trinidad and Tobago: Arima, Port Fortin, Port of Spain, Toco, Tunapuna.

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Vehicle Import to Trinidad and Tobago Regulations:

1. Subject to duty, VAT and tax
2. Import License and proof of ownership required
3. May not sell or transfer vehicle within a period of two years after importation
4. Customer must have owned vehicle for a minimum of six months prior to return to Trinidad & Tobago
5. Customer must have resided abroad for a minimum of five years
6. Invoices (for proof of age)

Shipping Rates to Trinidad and Tobago
Clear up the approximate rates for shipping your vehicle to the ports of Trinidad and Tobago. Look through the fees you may find in your shipping invoice.

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