Vehicle Import to Switzerland Regulations

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It will be granted by production of a proof of origin (EFT-Area; countries with which Switzerland has concluded a Free-trade agreement = declaration of origin from the exporter in the invoice or movement certificate EUR.1; developing countries = form A). Form A and EUR.1 must have been filled in by the foreign exporter and authenticated by the Customs authorities of the export country.

The value-added tax is calculated on the value of the vehicle (plus customs duty) at the first place of destination in Switzerland. The rate is at present 6,5 %. The value is to be documented with the invoice or the bill of sale.

For the weighing up a tax of 20 Fr. will be levied and one of 10 Fr. for the issue of the test report form 13.20A for the Road Traffic Office.

Vehicles brought in by Swiss Citizens returning to Switzerland; vehicles brought in together with household goods by other persons removing into Switzerland.

The vehicles are admitted duty-free as migrants' effects if the person concerned proves by means of the foreign vehicle registration document that he had used the vehicle abroad for a period of at least six months before transferring his domicile to Switzerland.

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