Vehicle Import to Sweden Regulations

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All imported vehicles are subject to a thorough structural and mechanical inspection prior to being allowed to operate on the Sweden road network. If any damage, deterioration or sub-standard repairs to the structural areas of the vehicle are detected by the Swedish Vehicle Registration Authority, the vehicle will need to be restored to a road worthy condition. In addition to the aspect of structural integrity, all vehicles are required to meet a series of mandatory vehicle standards rules designed to ensure the safety of the Sweden motor vehicle fleet. Since the checks to verify compliance with safety and structural integrity are conducted after a vehicle has been delivered from customs control, it would be foresight to contact the Swedish Vehicle Registration Authority before making arrangements to import a vehicle to Sweden.

Customs clearance
A person who imports an uncleared vehicle into Sweden is obliged, without a remainder, to enter it for customs clearance at the frontier. Normally, import duties, VAT and other taxes are to be paid at the frontier. For the clearance the following documents and information, must be shown to the customs office:
1. The invoice or contract of sale, 
2. Costs of transport and insurance, 
3. If the preferential rate is requested you need the proof of origin for vehicles originating in countries with which EU has concluded a Free-trade agreement 
4. Model name or model series, 
5. The chassis (or frame) and engine numbers, 
6. The cubic capacity of the engine and whether petrol or diesel. 

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