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The Stockholm ports’ location forms an environmentally-friendly alternative for transport services to and from Stockholm and the Lake Mälaren region. One-third of Sweden’s population lives in this area and every day it receives goods shipped in via the ports.

Stockholm Group of Ports comprises the ports in Stockholm, Kapellskär and Nynäshamn. Stockholm port is the central port for freight and passengers to and from Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. Kapellskär, 90 km north of Stockholm, and Nynäshamn, 60 km south of Stockholm, are the outports which, with their shorter entrance channels, form a supplement to the central port.

Kapellskär port is very important for rapid freight services to and from Finland and Estonia. Nynäshamn port is the mainland port for services to Gotland and has an ideal situation for ferry services to ports in the central and southern Baltic.

Main Characteristics
Latitude: 59° 20' 6" N
Longitude: 18° 6' 53" E
Port Type: Seaport
Port Size: Medium

Official Website 
Contact Information
Stockholms Hamn AB and the City of Stockholm
Magasin 3, Frihamnen
P.O. Box 27314
Stockholm 102 54
Phone: 46 8 670 2600
Fax: 46 8 665 0838