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Prepare your car for shipping, as it is very necessary. In case you prepare your car for the shipping procedure incorrectly, it could finish up costing you some money (in the form of avoidable damage to the car's body) and time (if anything should go wrong with your car through shipping postponement can ensue). Here are some steps to prepare your car for shipping properly:

1. Carefully wash your car even if it is going to be shipped on an open trailer. Note any damage, dings, nicks or other cosmetic damage correctly.
2. Remove all the personal things from your car. Most car shipping companies are not licensed and therefore cannot officially carry any personal items in cars which they transport. Insurance will not cover these items.
3. Turn off the car alarm. Make it easy on the company and put it out of action, as it is not possible to be experienced in all of the alarm systems available these days.
4. Try not to fill your gas tank fully; keep it low, in between 1/8th to 1/4th of a tank as this saves a little weight which the transporters be pleased about.
5. Ensure to lock or take away any loose parts or specialty objects from your car like ground effects, spoilers, fog lights. In case you have broad mirrors just fold them back and if possible take out the antennae.
6. Try to ship convertibles with the top and protected appropriately. Seal any holes or open seams in the top to stop air or moisture from causing any type of harm to your car. If you can not raise the top, just try to cover it with a safe fitting canvas that can defend against high winds.
7. Check whether the battery is fully charged and the tires have suitable inflation. Autos seeping out oil and specially brake or transmission fluid should never be on the top of a two deck open trailer. Do this to avoid dripping onto the paint of cars below.

Make a complete report of any pre-existing damage your car may have, to ensure any claims of car damage are correct and enforceable.