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Prepare your boat for travel completely as it is going to determine the condition your boat will be in when it arrives at its destination.  Sheltering everything will protect your boat during the transportation process, and identifying any preexisting damage will save you from having to answer to complaints on the other end when the boat arrives.

The service providers will not be responsible for damages incurred from improper travel and loading preparations, so you just prepare the boat yourself, or have a qualified boat yard do so.  Also inspect your boat with a licensed marine surveyor. Your boat need to be prepped for pick-up before the transporter arrives. It may take more than one day to make it properly. Try to be prepped earlier just in case the transport company needs to come a day early for weather or any other reasons.

Choose a marina or boatyard as a loading spot that has a 14' clearance, so that branches and wires will not interfere with your boat at the beginning of its trip.  In case you have not already chosen a marina or boatyard for your drop-off point, you can inquire your service provider whether they can refer you to one in the destination area.  And check that it has a 14' clearance.

Prior to dismantling anything on your boat, take photos so that you have something to reference when reassembling the boat after the transport. After that you can remove all personal items from your boat. Inspect your boat's exterior for any damages. List all problems found and take photos and date these if possible.

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