Vehicle Import to Lithuania Regulations

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Motor vehicles in Lithuania are included in the list of goods and services, which do not qualify for the refund of VAT, except those specified by the Ministry. If so, the reimbursement of VAT for motor vehicles follows the same procedure as for other goods and services.

Tax exemption for motor vehicles applies to the Missions, accredited and residing in Lithuania, members of diplomatic staff, administrative and technical staff, career consular officers of the consular posts, consular employees and their family members if they are not Lithuanian citizens or permanent residents of Lithuania, members of representations of international organizations and their family members enjoying diplomatic privileges and immunities under international law.

If a used vehicle is purchased on the local market, all taxes have to be paid. Taxes already paid are not refunded.

VAT and excise duties paid on fuel shall be refunded only if special cards issued by the fuel vendor in the name of the Mission and a member of the Mission are used for effecting payment for the fuel.

In order to register a vehicle, the following documents shall be submitted:
1. To the Protocol Department:
- Verbal Note,
- an application form. If a vehicle is intended for the official use, an application form has to be sealed and signed by the Head of Mission or a person authorized by the Head of Mission. If a vehicle is intended for private use – a member of the Mission shall sign himself/herself and the Head of Mission or a person authorized shall approve it by signing and sealing;

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