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Moving your car, boat or motorcycle overseas?

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Simply request a vehicle shipping quote and determine the cost of your international auto moving.

Not all auto shipping insurance policies are the same. Inquire your shipping company to see if they provide a primary or excess insurance policy; a primary policy will cover damages to your car despite what your regular auto insurance will cover, but an excess policy will only cover what your insurance company will not. Prior to buying either policy, be sure to call your auto insurance company to see what types of damages are covered under your current policy and then make a decision from there.

In case you are relocating an antique or classic car, you may want to purchase extra insurance so that the car is fully covered. Purchase enough coverage to cover the blue book value of the car. Ideally, find an auto shipping company that focuses on shipping these types of vehicles. Such companies typically use cargo units that are made to protect cars that are of greater value.

When transporting your car, take pictures of the car before it is loaded onto the truck. Also conduct an inspection with the driver and write down previous body damage or scratches. If you find new damage to the body of the car, this inspection will help you. You will have to be proactive in making sure that you are able to file a claim and get the money you deserve if damage occurs during transportation.

To choose an auto transportation company may not be too difficult, but it would be better if you get a few car shipping quotes and compare prices as well as service and shipping insurance. And after choosing a company, make sure that you receive all paperwork and have the car inspected to check that it is running properly before shipping it.

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