Vehicle Import to Guyana Regulations

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Upon receipt of the remission letters issued by the Secretary to the Treasury relative to the clearing of personal and household effects and a vehicle by the re-emigrant, the under mentioned procedures must be adhered to before the clearance of goods could be effected.

The re-emigrant should contact a licensed customs broker to have his/her customs entry document prepared. It is advised that the re-emigrant should have the following documents in his/her possession:
1. Certificate of registration of vehicle.
2. Bill of lading or delivery order.
3. Evidence of value, if any, of vehicle.
4. Letter from Secretary to the Treasury.

The re-emigrant should proceed to the appropriate transit shed/wharf for the purpose of having his/her personal and household effects and vehicle examined to ascertain the quantity and value of goods imported. A valuation letter from an authorized local agent (e.g. Beharry Automotive is the local agent for Toyota vehicles) is required to assist in arriving at the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) values of the vehicle.

After carrying out the above mentioned examination, the entry document should be returned to the customs broker who would then fill out the duty paid section of the document. The entry document along with valuation letter, bill of lading or delivery order and certificate of registration must be taken and lodged at the receiving window of the Customs and Excise Department, which is located at 34 Main Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown. A reference number would be issued. If the consignment is made up of personal and household effects, the documents should be taken to the Entry Processing Unit. On the other hand, if the consignment includes a vehicle, the documents should be taken to the Valuation Section to ascertain the correct computed CIF value of the vehicle and personal and households effects.

After these formalities have been completed, the entry document should then be taken to the cashier where the concessional duties would be paid. The entry document would be returned to the importer who takes it to the transit shed/wharf to effect the delivery of the goods.

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