Vehicle Import to Estonia Regulations

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Vehicles subject to the registration
1. All vehicles imported to Estonia for use permanently or temporarily. Temporarily imported vehicles can be registered until the deadline fixed by the Customs authorities
2. Vehicles manufactured and used in Estonia

Registration of imported vehicles
1. Crossing the customs border the holder of the vehicle has to present the relevant documents for customs formalities
2. Vehicle have to be presented to ARK Bureau for the pre-registration inspection before customs clearance and registration

Pre-registration inspection
Pre-registration inspection of the vehicle takes place at the inspection station. At this location, vehicle documentation and adherence to the established standards of Estonia is verified, as well as the vehicle's compliance with the national technical requirements.

The following documents should be presented to the inspection officer of the ARK Bureau:
- document certifying the acquisition of the vehicle, in the absence of this any other document certifying the ownership on the vehicle
- registration certificate of the vehicle (in case of an used vehicle)
- Certificate of Conformity (COC-paper), in case of a new vehicle
- seller's invoice (in case of a new vehicle, which has not been entered in a register of any other country)
- valid traffic insurance policy
- document proving the identity of the keeper or other authorized person.

After inspecting the vehicle a pre-registration inspection form is then filled in by the official and issued to the owner. If the vehicle does not comply with the national technical requirements the application is then forwarded to the technical department of ARK.

The owner or authorized individual of the vehicle is obliged to submit the pre-registration certificate and its photocopy to a local Customs office during the determined period of time in order to pass customs clearance and pay import duties and taxes.

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