Vehicle Import to Bulgaria Regulations

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In order to export a used vehicle the exporter must present the following information to U.S. Customs prior to export:
•  The vehicle (must include a Vehicle Identification Number)
•  A document describing the vehicle (must include a Vehicle Identification Number )
•  Original or certified copies of Certificate of Title, plus two copies of the Certificate of Title

If the vehicle is to be transported by vessel or aircraft the documentation and the vehicle must be presented at least three days prior to lading.

U.S. Customs will authenticate both copies of the Certificate of Title, one which will remain in the possession of the exporter and the other which shall be collected by Customs.

All new and used vehicles imported in Bulgaria with a EUR1 certificate are exempt from duties. One exception to this rule, introduced on the basis of the EU Accession Agreement with the Republic of Bulgaria, is the importation of vehicles from Macedonia. These vehicles, accompanied by a EUR1 certificate, are subject to a 3 % duty.

The calculation of applicable duties and taxes starts with determination of the customs value. Duties are then assessed on the customs value and the result is the total landed (customs paid) value.
According to the Excise Tax Act, all new and used passenger vehicles with an engine greater than 120 kW (DIN) (1 kW = 1.36 hp) or 126 kW (SAE) (1 kW = 1.36 hp) are subject to an excise tax assessed on the landed value. For engine capacity ranging between 120 and 150 kW, the excise duty is 35 Bulgarian Lev per kW and for engine capacity greater than 150 kW the excise duty is 60 Bulgarian Lev per kW. Remark: (ROE 1USD=1.68 BGL)

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