Vehicle Import to Australia Regulations

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The importation of motor vehicles into Australia is strictly controlled and there are no duty/GST free concessions available. This means that all motor vehicles, including motorcycles, will be subject to duty and/or GST which will be calculated on the value of the vehicle. In addition, high value vehicles will attract a Luxury Car Tax. There are also strict regulations for the registration of motor vehicles, including motorcycles, for road use in Australia.

All vehicles must comply with Australian Design Regulations which, in almost every case, will require modification to be undertaken to the vehicle to bring it up to the required standard. It is possible that in some instances a vehicle may not be able to be modified, or alternatively may require extensive modification so as to allow registration.

All such modifications must be undertaken and certified by an accredited Australian automotive engineer and can be a very costly undertaking which often results in an uneconomical situation arising in preparing a vehicle for road use.

1. Customer must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a person who has applied to become an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident
2. Customer must have owned and used the auto for at least twelve months prior to import
3. The applicant is of an age that entitles him or her to hold a license or permit to drive a road vehicle
4. The applicant undertakes to comply with any requirements as to road safety that are imposed in respect of the vehicle by the Administrator of Vehicle Standards
5. Customer has not imported a road vehicle owned by him or her within the year ending on the day on which the vehicle in respect of which the application is made is landed in Australia
6. All vehicles intended to be imported, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, trailers etc. must have an individual "Vehicle Import Approval" prior to their arrival in Australia

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